Philip Brown week 2

After the initial excitement of getting started with the MKMMA program I found my organizing skills were being tested as I needed a plan to follow to do all the reading requirements involved. I now have a schedule that allows me to carry out my readings in order ie; I read the current Scroll, my DMP (Definite Major Purpose) The (BPB) BluePrint Builder then my PPN’s (personal pivotal needs)

I am starting to see the value with all this being “connected” to one another and in harmony and I have never had that before in my life….wow

Published by Philip Brown

Living on the Gold Coast Queensland now for 11 years after moving from my birthplace Canberra /Queanbeyan. I love the people, the climate and the lifestyle here, there is always so much to do.

7 thoughts on “Philip Brown week 2

    1. Thank you Brenda, the daily commitment of the readings has woken up a new me, for too long I have been without direction. I can now see a new world ahead of me with this MKE program and the guidance and support along the way. My goals and dreams are now on a path to absolute reality!

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  1. Hi again, Philip! I know I speak for all the BLOG ROVERS in saying how much we love to see new members, such as yourself, keeping up with your blogging, as an important way of staying strong. Good show, my man!

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