Philip Brown

4 weeks into the Master Key Experience, what an amazing journey so far.

I have experienced and unearthed lots of abilities and gifts I possess that I was not aware of, such as my ability to be consistent in activities, “slow my mind” and get past the constant silent chatter. Being able to think and believe that abundance and prosperity comes into my life like clear water flowing through a stream.

I now have a new positiveness about me which denotes such confidence in me, I am able to talk and communicate to others in such a different way. I have a new posture about me that radiates confidence and direction in me life. I know this is the start of the greatness in me, my life is opening up to have more skills to express that greatness and share it with so many others in my life.

I have a better understanding of God in my life, a deeper and closer relationship. I have always had the belief but it is now much more intense in a loving and compassionate way.

My commitment to complete my tasks has been manifest by the process of; thought+feeling+belief+action =result

and; think- write- promise- read- do

This has allowed me to complete my tasks and enjoy and celebrate these achievements

“I Can Be what I Will to Be”

Published by Philip Brown

Living on the Gold Coast Queensland now for 11 years after moving from my birthplace Canberra /Queanbeyan. I love the people, the climate and the lifestyle here, there is always so much to do.

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