Week 21 Master Key Experience

Wow, I have some personal relationship issues going on right now and today has made me think, consider and reflect on many issues. Every part of our lives are interconnected in some way as is our thought which creates the cause and our actions which create the effect

my focus right now is on my actions which are created and fueled by my thoughts. The solution is within me but I must be humble enough to see it and act on it.

Published by Philip Brown

Living on the Gold Coast Queensland now for 11 years after moving from my birthplace Canberra /Queanbeyan. I love the people, the climate and the lifestyle here, there is always so much to do.

5 thoughts on “Week 21 Master Key Experience

  1. Philip,

    I love that you say that you need to be humble to see the solution. You are on the right track and the solution will come.

    I send you all that you need and desire for you and for you to pass on to others.


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