Week 22 MKE

The Master Key Experience Chapter 9 says; We can understand then, something of the power which the mind possesses over the body.

And Chapter 15 says; Every cell in the body is intelligent and will respond to your direction.

The lesson every week amazes me with the ability and power of our human mind.

The frustrating part is my reluctance to comprehend and consistently act on the directions and exercises set out in the Master Key System in my pursuit of understanding my true self and becoming the best person I can be.

It seems I deliberately avoid completing the exercises which stops me moving forward and breaking through the old habits, which only provide my with the same shallow and restrictive mindset I have carried for years, and it continues to bind me to failure and a limited life instead of a life of abundance and prosperity which is mine, should I be willing to take it.

This week 22a is a break week and I am concentrating on review of week 22 and also re-read scroll 4 (IV) from the Greatest Salesman in the world “I am natures greatest miracle”

Greatest changes in ones life come when we face our greatest challenges…….

“I stand in the sun of positive expectation “

I always keep my promises

Published by Philip Brown

Living on the Gold Coast Queensland now for 11 years after moving from my birthplace Canberra /Queanbeyan. I love the people, the climate and the lifestyle here, there is always so much to do.

2 thoughts on “Week 22 MKE

  1. Great job being the non-judgmental observer! Great noticing!… Was thinking… maybe the question “What would the person I intend to become do next?” would be helpful. Or “What am I pretending not to know?” Or taking both of them into a sit? … Wondering if you have been able to schedule your long sit? I have a feeling there are so many answers in that for me! I am so excited! … Oh, I also love the chapter “I am Nature’s Greatest Miracle” Love and peace and connection and wisdom to you in your journey!


  2. how fascinating Philip that as our world is changing, so too is the world at large undergoing deep transmutation ..
    as per one of your selected quotations, “I stand in the sun of positive expectation “, I join you in standing in that sun.


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