Week 15 Master Key Experience

much of the work from previous lessons came flooding back this week as I started week 15

I have started The Franklin makeover task. This is an amazing insight as “an observer” and being aware of the virtues which are all part of us.

I find it strange and somewhat difficult to write about my accomplishments and positive attributes. I have never been one to “blow my own trumpet” a lot to do with confidence, with accepting, appreciating and loving myself.

I have noticed the changes in my thinking and my actions and reactions with others has been amazing since being on this course.

Week 22 MKE

The Master Key Experience Chapter 9 says; We can understand then, something of the power which the mind possesses over the body.

And Chapter 15 says; Every cell in the body is intelligent and will respond to your direction.

The lesson every week amazes me with the ability and power of our human mind.

The frustrating part is my reluctance to comprehend and consistently act on the directions and exercises set out in the Master Key System in my pursuit of understanding my true self and becoming the best person I can be.

It seems I deliberately avoid completing the exercises which stops me moving forward and breaking through the old habits, which only provide my with the same shallow and restrictive mindset I have carried for years, and it continues to bind me to failure and a limited life instead of a life of abundance and prosperity which is mine, should I be willing to take it.

This week 22a is a break week and I am concentrating on review of week 22 and also re-read scroll 4 (IV) from the Greatest Salesman in the world “I am natures greatest miracle”

Greatest changes in ones life come when we face our greatest challenges…….

“I stand in the sun of positive expectation “

I always keep my promises

Week 21 Master Key Experience

Wow, I have some personal relationship issues going on right now and today has made me think, consider and reflect on many issues. Every part of our lives are interconnected in some way as is our thought which creates the cause and our actions which create the effect

my focus right now is on my actions which are created and fueled by my thoughts. The solution is within me but I must be humble enough to see it and act on it.

Master Key Experience WEEK 17HJ

This week has been a time to make clear decisions on my level of commitment to MY master key course. I get frustrated when I get behind with the lessons and my requirements including my blogs

I am back on track with my makeover and my 4th word is “Persistence” How appropriate is that !!. I will persist ! I read GS 3 times a day, not 1 or 2 … I am reading the Cards each day, and adding to them and I read my DMP

I have re-scheduled my work hours to be available to attend the webinar live. This weeks 17HJ has been amazing

Now to continue my journey and my requirements

“I stand in the sun of positive expectation”

My master key experience week 15-2

With all the exercises and readings and activities to keep re-programming Subby, I felt some slipping back to the old ways and some procrastination in the last 2 days.

I focused more and re-read lesson 14 and 15 but got so tied I needed a to take a nap.

It’s Saturday and I am getting out with positive expectation, a clear outlook and renewed vigor.

week 9 with mkmma

The shapes, the colours, my goals, all part of this giant jigsaw of getting my life moving forward into the abundance and success before me.

the MKMMA experience is testing every part of my mental and physical being. The program is teaching me a lot more than I can see right now but I will fight through the old habits and come through this, a new and better man.

week 5 Saturday

Wow, A tough few days fighting off the old habit of procrastination

I keep finding “important” activities instead of keeping the “main thing the main thing”

I am getting behind with my work as a ride share business operator (Uber etc) and of course the income. I need to re-focus urgently

I am maintaining all my readings and I do love the second scroll

“I greet this day with love in my heart”

Onward and upward……