Philip Brown

4 weeks into the Master Key Experience, what an amazing journey so far.

I have experienced and unearthed lots of abilities and gifts I possess that I was not aware of, such as my ability to be consistent in activities, “slow my mind” and get past the constant silent chatter. Being able to think and believe that abundance and prosperity comes into my life like clear water flowing through a stream.

I now have a new positiveness about me which denotes such confidence in me, I am able to talk and communicate to others in such a different way. I have a new posture about me that radiates confidence and direction in me life. I know this is the start of the greatness in me, my life is opening up to have more skills to express that greatness and share it with so many others in my life.

I have a better understanding of God in my life, a deeper and closer relationship. I have always had the belief but it is now much more intense in a loving and compassionate way.

My commitment to complete my tasks has been manifest by the process of; thought+feeling+belief+action =result

and; think- write- promise- read- do

This has allowed me to complete my tasks and enjoy and celebrate these achievements

“I Can Be what I Will to Be”

Philip Brown

During my business activities this week I had 5 prospects coming to the company presentation on Wednesday night, None showed up. before MKE that would have devastated me, but now I am so excited that I got to introduce myself and invite the prospects to the event. I know for whatever reasons people don’t show up, so it’s now ok but more so I can accept it and not take it personally.

I am Always looking to do better, and learn better skills in every area of my business and personal life and it all starts with “the world within”

I can feel and see a difference in the outward expression of myself to others with a confidence in myself I not before experienced.

My communication and relationship with my wife and people around me is more positive and uplifting. I feel a true compassion and empathy and love toward others.

week 3 on MKMMA

after our training session today it became clear that i need to join the dots between my DMP and my PPN’s. This is crucial to having harmony and connection otherwise the DMP (definite major purpose) is out of step with my PPN (personal pivotal need)

I re wrote my DMP and believe I connected, so I will know when my guide Janet does the review.

onward and upward with ENTHUSIASM

Philip Brown week 2

After the initial excitement of getting started with the MKMMA program I found my organizing skills were being tested as I needed a plan to follow to do all the reading requirements involved. I now have a schedule that allows me to carry out my readings in order ie; I read the current Scroll, my DMP (Definite Major Purpose) The (BPB) BluePrint Builder then my PPN’s (personal pivotal needs)

I am starting to see the value with all this being “connected” to one another and in harmony and I have never had that before in my life….wow

My Intro

My intro blog is to inform you that I am heading into a world of adventure, and excitement with the personal development program MKMMA (Master Key Master Mind Alliance)

I know I will be tested at every stage of this journey with my thoughts, feelings, emotions and every fibre of my body and soul

I am confident I will come out a different person, a changed person for the good

Alive, focused, truly in touch with my feeling and a crystal clear vision of my goals, dreams, aspirations and a life direction that I have never before experienced

I will keep you updated over the next 6 months of this epic journey

Peace be with you

Week 1

Morning 2 in my epic journey of self discovery, while I was reading the first scroll (chapter 8), my blueprint builder and My Definate Major Purpose, I realized the gift and magic of purposeful and directed reading is so valuable and enjoyable. I understand this fact because the content I am reading is of my own personal development which will make me a better person in being able to appreciate others I meet and come in contact with on my life journey.