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Philip Brown


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Press Release

10 June 2025

Interviewer: Greg Provenzano Co-Founder of ACN

The main entrance of ACN Charlotte North Carolina Has the feel of total splendour but also humility, humility and pride for all the ACN IBO’s that have made ACN such a successful global company.

On my arrival I am ushered to a lavish open lounge area where Mr Greg Provenzano dressed in grey business trousers, a blue open collared shirt and polished black shoes is waiting to great me. He stands up from the brown leather couch, his smile is contagious and my smile gets even bigger, as our eyes meet Greg approaches me with his outstretched hand to greet me.

Greg: Its a pleasure to have you here to join us a world headquarters Philip, please take a seat, and he offers me a place on the leather couch.

Greg then offers me the option of tea, coffee, water or juice and I warmly accept coffee. Greg simply nods to the house staff nearby and my coffee arrives momentarily after.

Greg: Philip, We so much appreciate you accepting to have this interview, and honestly we are so humbled by your incredible contribution to the ACN business opportunity with the thousands of IBO’s you have in your organization and simply I have to ask, “how did you do it”

Me: Firstly, thank you for this invitation and the opportunity to share my ACN journey. Well it starts a bit before me joining ACN in November 2012

I go back to 1967 at my father’s service station, I was 16, I had left school after year 8 fully excited about my future working with my dad in the service station when on this day he told me I had better go find a job as there wasn’t enough for me to do there at the service station. Well, I was devastated, my dream of working with my dad came crashing down around me, I felt I was thrown in a black room, helpless and with no way out.

I think from that point I had decided that I wanted autonomy in my life, be my own boss, and run my own race.

Shortly After that I had various jobs in the automotive repair industry and my last was with a truck mechanical repair business under the watchful eyes of Hugo, a really good German mechanic that taught me a lot.

My dad was diagnosed with cancer in 1969 and died in 1970. I when back to manage the service station for 3 years until it was sold and the proceeds were shared between my Mum, my sister and I.

Greg: So when did ACN come into your life?

Me: That was 2012, An accountant friend of mine asked if I would like to get paid residual income on mobile phone bills. I went to a meeting and signed up that week

I had some experience with MLM in Amway a few years before but liked the idea of a services supplier other than products.

Greg: Your journey is so compelling and unique, what drove you to continue with ACN?   Tell me about that.

Me: I joined ACN in 2012 and for 7 years I struggled with every conceivable issue relating to building the ACN business.

I know that a lot of IBO’s quit long before 7 years

I just had something inside me saying that all the success that I saw others having with ACN will be my success if I keep doing and learning along the way.

Here we are today June 2025, nearly 13 Years after I started and all my dreams, goals and vision for my ACN business are now a reality.

I now have 25 RVP legs and 10 SVP‘s through my business. I have IBO’s in each of the 35 plus countries ACN operate in  

Greg; When did you see success coming for you?

Me: I never stopped seeing it, I always had the vision. I had an RD in my team in 2016, then an RVP in the same line in 2019 so I knew it was all possible if I learned and took that action and did what they were doing.

I knew I had to get over and release the blocks and false beliefs I had about myself to be worthy of such success I know is mine.

Greg: What made the difference in your thinking and your attitude regarding your success in ACN?

Me: I took a 6 month personal development study course in 2019. It was Master Key Master Mind Alliance (MKMMA) this course was the most intense, personally challenging program I have ever undertaken but I was determined to push through with all the study because I knew it had the answers I had been seeking for so long. The emotion the tears the jubilation the excitement the frustration all contributed to smashing through the cement that was binding me from the freedom I have been longing for and finally found. 

Greg: What has ACN been able to provide for you in this journey?

Me: ACN has now provided me and my family an amazing lifestyle, the freedom I have been searching for all these years. Money freedom, Time freedom, Travel freedom and to share this wonderful lifestyle with my team, and show them how to have this freedom too.

We have travelled for 3 weeks to Disneyland Park, Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California, in 2022 with my 3 children and 5 grandchildren. We holidayed in Canada and have had 9 trips to Asia and Europe including the UK.

We have given more to our church and to charities and missions in Asia than I EVER thought possible as we are blessed with an amazing residual income stream.  

Greg: What do you see happening in the future?

Me: Personally I will keep loving and giving and learning and teaching all that I can as ACN opens more countries, we have more new IBO’s to help and guide to their success.

Greg: Thank you so much for sharing you journey Philip and we look forward to talking gain soon and having you as guest speaker at the next International Training Event.

Me: Thank you Greg, it has been my honour to be here and I am excited and looking forward to Speaking at the International event here in USA  

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